hotel-technology-advisorTechnology in the hotel industry has evolved at such a rapid pace that it's an imperative decision to invest in the latest of infrastructures and make it available to your customers. Gone are those days when WiFi was seen as a luxury service as today it's a pre-requirement even before your customers enters your premises. Marg hospitality has transformed itself into a more technology driven company and we are progressively trying to direct the same onto our hotels and resorts. We believe that today technology has become a major factor in simplifying business operations thereby providing the best customer experience and continual revenue generation. Marg Hospitality provides the best technology advisory via our team of experienced IT consultants. The following are the core areas we try to provide technology expertise for your property:

  • Technology evaluation and Management:
    • Study and evaluation of the existing systems like reservations, data management, and content management to analyze the effectiveness and compare with the available alternatives.
    • Understand the existing client requirements in lieu of their Hotels business, service visions and also the priority functional needs of the present as well the future.
    • Device adjustments to the current systems with recommendations and alternative technological solutions to achieve maximum productivity.
    • Provide strategic advice on using technology to achieve goals.
    • Transform the IT infrastructure to the current infrastructural trends and technology prevalent with accurate research and assist in selection and negotiations.
    • Manage the IT Implementation process.
  • Strategic Planning:
    • We analyze the travel industry technology issues and opportunities and propose all available viable business responses required for your business.
    • We put in a strategic plan for your business and work with executives and staff to determine and optimize performances of reservations and electronic distribution technologies in achieving your business objectives.
    • Manage strategic initiative presentation and implementation