hotel-revenue-managementMarg Hospitality is the best in hotel revenue management and it's our inherent mission to help independent hotels increase their financial performances. Our revenue management team will help to maximize profits by implementing the best result oriented revenue strategy to grow your hotel with visible gross profits. We have a team of highly motivated professionals who are experienced in hospitality tourism and travel industries and have all the expertise in opening up to huge revenue potentials in the hotel business. We leave no stone unturned to increase your bottom line profits thereby letting you enjoy a constant flow of revenue to your business.The core services we offer are to

  • Develop a market segmentation and a working strategic model to that
    market segment.
  • Create strategies to increase revenue by stimulating market demand by
    pushing the hotel on potential and best available distribution channels.
  • Embrace a sale funnel market system for the hotel.
  • Optimize direct sales and distribution via the website and other mediums.
  • Set a strategic price management system in place.
  • Entire revenue management tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
    and report generations.
  • Price benchmarking and negotiating and fixing competitive rates.