strtegic-hotel-advisoryMaximize profits and minimize risk. This is our sole motto when we try to deliver our services to our valuable clients. Irrespective of the scale of operations, Marg Hospitality has highly experienced specialists with the utmost knowledge to deliver one of the best advisory services. Taking decisions is of great importance to any business but to arrive at that you need to have a quality advisory team which make a great impact on the final outcome. The trust rests on our world-class experts who update in what they deliver as they carry an in-depth understanding of how the current market works and about the latest trends in the hospitality industry. Hence we are in a better situation to predict future market conditions and thereby can deliver timely and top-notch advice to meet the investment decisions made by our clients. Some of our core areas of service deliverables will be around the following:

  • Agreement Reviews of the Management.
  • Market Analysis and Feasibility Study
  • Asset/Portfolio Acquisition advice.
  • Concept & Brand development with documented roll out strategy.
  • Dispute resolutions, arbitration, mediation, and litigations support.
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Repositioning and restructuring advice.
  • Development consultancy.
  • Buyer representation and closing activities.
  • Available Options analysis.