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    How to implement a successful direct booking strategy?

    For any efficient hotel revenue management, Direct Booking is always the foremost objectives which are seen as a solid & permanent revenue enhancer. Irrespective of the size of the hotel direct bookings are the topmost recommendations when it comes to rolling out an effective revenue management strategy. If you are in the Hotel industry then...
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    Satisfy the Ego, tackle the Emotions & provide the Experience.

    The hospitality industry is flourishing at an exponential pace and it has started to embrace and adopt technological innovations to enhance revenue generation and increase customer loyalty. As it goes without saying, customer service is always the prime focus for any business and the same is perceived to be applicable in the hospitality industry as...
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    Key points you need to know about GST & Hotel Industry

    India in the recent months seem to be gripped with a lot of discussions and debates on ‘GST’ and after a lot of contemplations and revisions finally, it is all set to be implemented. As per the latest reports, the finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley has announced that GST will be rolled out with effect...
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    6 technological aspects that will drive the hotel industry in 2017and beyond.

    Every year there is a change in the way we do business as with the growing and emerging changes in either the demands of the consumers or in the environment or economy. One most important factor which contributes a lot to any business of today is the evolving changes in technology and its applicability in...